Accountant on-line euro calculator  (freeware)

Download - Click to download you can download and install program to your computer.

Requires Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7
 + . NET Framework at least version 2.0 or higher.
  • On-Line - connected to internet counts prices using actual currency rate. No tedious and time consuming to search the current exchange rate. Current rate for the selected currency you can see immediately when you start the calculator. Watch video.

  • Cross currency rate converter. (reference currency euro)

  • Calculation of tax - on click will show you the price including tax, without tax and the tax itself. (Default VAT.) Is possible to use two tax rates.

  • Numeric keypad - fully controllable by numeric keypad.

  • 12 digit display - easy to read and allowing the work with sufficient accuracy.

  • Totally free - freeware program. (Freeware) Free for you and your friends. Deploy program is possible under licence conditions.
  • Clipboard - Support for the clipboard. 
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